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Our May 19th Language Learning Experience:


With Dr. Ruslan (Russ) Suvorov (Center for Language & Technology, UH Manoa). was a hit. We'd like to thank all those who attended, whether in person on via online. Mahalo Dr. Ruslan.

More photos of the event can bee seen at: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_v9goZclEqPU2J2ajVvck50OWc&usp=sharing 

The 2016 May.pdf issue of The Word is now available for your reading pleasure. There are some great articles from our members.

Have a great summer. Our next activity will be our Fall Opening Social.

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We are very pleased to share the blog written by TESOL president Andy Curtis, in which he writes about his time in Hawaii speaking at the Hawaii TESOL conference. My favorite line comes towards the end, and is a reminder of how we are fortunate both to live in Hawaii and to work in our profession as language educators:

"Memories of the warm and welcoming loving-kindness that I experienced there was one of the high points of my year as president. In a world so torn by conflict, so deeply divided, my time in Hawai’i, at Hawai’i TESOL, and at BYU-Hawai’i was a humbling and moving reminder that, as educators, an essential part of our work is to help make the world, with every lesson we teach, a little less damaged, and a little more healed."

See more at: http://blog.tesol.org/hawaii-tesol-2016-tesol-supporting-its-u-s-affiliates/#sthash.0Clk4ORT.dpuf

We hope that you enjoy his article and continue to join Hawaii TESOL in growing professionally and thriving as educators here in Hawaii to make our world a little better place to be.

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The May  issue of "The Word" Newsletter is now available.

The next submission deadline is being planned. So get your articles ready.

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 Multilingualism for Equitable Education      

Hawaii TESOL would like to let you know that the Hawai‘i State Board of Education’s Student Achievement Committee will be taking action on the new Board Policy 105.14, Language in Education (ELL/Bilingual), which is being proposed as BOE Policy 105.14, Multilingualism for Equitable Education, on February 2, 2016 at 10:30 AM at the Queen Liliuokalani Building, 1390 Miller Street Street, Room 404.

The development of the proposed policy 105.14 has taken 2 years involving hundreds of diverse stakeholders’ input. What originally started as an EL policy has emerged into a more inclusive policy grounded in Hawaii’s unique multicultural & multilingual community’s needs and desires. The policy focuses on creating learning environments that value linguistic and cultural diversity. It supports research showing that when students’ identities, languages, and cultures are used as resources in their learning, they are better able to learn academic content and the language medium of instruction.  

As an advocate for our students and families, please consider submitting testimony on this policy and encourage others to submit testimony.  Your input is of great importance. Please read the BOE memo and policy by accessing it on the BOE website by clicking HERE.

Hawaii TESOL's Socio-Political Action Chair, Shawn Ford, will be submitting testimony on behalf of Hawaii TESOL.


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