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Hawai‘i TESOL advocates on behalf of language teachers, language learners, and the profession as a whole. 

Hawai‘i TESOL has provided written testimony to the state Department of Education, House of Representatives, and Senate in support of policies that support local English language learners. Hawai‘i TESOL has also participated in the TESOL Advocacy & Policy Summit in Washington, DC, and met with Hawai‘i's US Representative's and Senator's offices to advocate for policies that support teachers and learners. 

Learn more below about Hawai‘i TESOL advocacy efforts and how you can participate.

Hawai‘i TESOL Supports the Reaching English Learners Act

A US House bill called the Reaching English Learners Act is slowly winding its way through the US Congress. It is supported by TESOL International Association, our parent organization, among other organizations concerned with teachers and immigrant students. You can read about it along with the full text of the bill in this EdWeek blog post:


Hawaii TESOL has written letters of support and has sent them to Hawaii's Congressional delegation, including Representatives Gabbard (who represents District 2) and Hanabusa (who represents District 1), and Senators Hirono and Schatz.

We encourage our membership to also write individual letters of support, encouraging your US Representative (either Gabbard or Hanabusa, depending on your district) to co-sponsor the House bill, and encouraging both Senators Hirono and Schatz to sponsor a companion bill in the US Senate.

You can use the letter to Representative and letter to Senator templates to write your own emails to Hawaii's Congress members. Just be sure that your email to co-sponsor the bill goes to your US House Representative, and your email to sponsor a companion bill goes to your two US Senators.

Individual stories about how this bill would impact you as a teacher or parent, or how the bill would affect the students who you work with or families you know, are especially relevant to your congress members. So be sure to personalize your messages.

Gabbard: https://gabbard.house.gov/connect/share-your-ideas

Hanabusa: https://hanabusa.house.gov/contact/email

Hirono: https://www.hirono.senate.gov/help/email

Schatz: https://www.schatz.senate.gov/contact

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